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    I get that republicans are bad but the general consensus that democrats are somehow better is fucking astonishing to me. Yes, the republicans aren’t supportive of a woman’s right to choose. Yes, the republicans don’t support marriage equality. Yes, the republicans are pro-war. The democrats have had every opportunity to legalize gay marriage, end the wars, and support laws that favored women.

    In that time they’ve killed three American citizens without trial, wantonly bombed villages in Pakistan and Yemen, branded Edward Snowden a traitor, and worked to expand America’s role in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you think American politics has a "good" side you need to pull your head out of your ass. Dianne Feinstein and Joe Biden probably have the same level of respect for the LGBT*Q community at large as your average republican does.

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    A character can be a great character but still be an absolutely disgusting, creepy, reprehensible person who deserves all the shit that was flung at them and more.


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    i cant believe there are people who actually oppose gun control like. what is your logic why are you doing that i dont understand the reasoning in that

    There are 8K homicides  per year in the US in which a firearm was used(source)

    There are an estimated 100 million gun owners in the US, who own an estimated 300 million firearms.

    Every year in the US firearms are used in excess of 100K times in self defense at the lowest estimate(source)

    On top of that there is no correlation between countries with strict gun control and countries less gun control in terms of gun violence(source)

    Some of the places in the US with the strictest gun control also have the most violent crime(source)

    Gun Control has been used in the US to commit mass murder under the guise of public safety and has been used to kill innocent men, women and childen(source 1, source 2)

    So I would say that  my stance is based on research I have done, to answer your question, that is why I oppose gun control, because I have spent countless hours researching it. Gun Control is at best completely useless at stopping violent crime, and at worst  is a detriment to public safety.

    Can you now explain why you support gun control?

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  5. thefreelioness:

    It’s interesting to see people concerned about monopolies in the absence of government when, with some of the largest, most all-encompassing governments in history, we are already experiencing industry leaders that control most of what we consume, as well as their regular participation in writing the laws that control their industries and ultimately, us. (As I mentioned before, the governments and corporations work together, not against one another.) 

    But my point is that whenever someone expresses a concern about the potential dangers in the absence of a government, first consider whether these fears are already being realized in our world now, with government. You might be surprised what you find.

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I was doing research for my fashion class, when i came upon this image.Apparently it’s a political cartoon from a pamphlet called “The Royal Dildo”


    I was doing research for my fashion class, when i came upon this image.
    Apparently it’s a political cartoon from a pamphlet called “The Royal Dildo”

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    thinking about the comeback (whenit happens) makes me realize that the art is probably going to change by 300% and i’m actually more excited about that then anything else tbh

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    People like to say that “Just following orders” is the most dangerous words uttered throughout history, but I think “Because it’s the law” is a really close second 

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